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HDMI Port Option Now Available on GT27 Series of Human Machine Interfaces - The GT27 Series human-machine interfaces (HMI) now includes the option for an HDMI port, allowing users to skip the time and cost of setting up a PC to accomplish the same feat. Production managers and maintenance personnel can benefit from seeing what the machine operator sees on a large public screen, allowing them to respond faster to required actions.
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Mitsubishi Electric to Acquire ICONICS, Inc. in United States - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announces that it will acquire the remaining shares of ICONICS, Inc., a U.S. software company focused on SCADA,1 IoT, mobile, analytics and cloud software products for the manufacturing, industrial and building-automation markets, to make the company a 100% subsidiary within the Mitsubishi Electric Group.
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Introducing Interactive Cycle Insertion Screens Compatible with Renishaw GoProbe Macros on M8 Series CNC Controls - Machine tool programmers and engineers that utilize Renishaw’s GoProbe macros could save significant time and labor with the use of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc’s Interactive Cycle Insertion screens on its M8 Series of CNC controls. They can use the Interactive Cycle Insertion screens to integrate Renishaw GoProbe macros directly into their CNC control.
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Liquid-cooled FR-A800-LC Reduces Enclosure Space and Makes Air Cooling Unnecessary - The FR-A800-LC Series of liquid-cooled Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), is designed for machine designers or end users that have restricted control system space or work in an application where air-cooling is difficult. When optimized, using an external liquid cooling system with the liquid-cooling enabled FR-A800-LC allows it to deliver rated power within a small equipment footprint.
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New Regenerative Converter Recycles Energy and Returns it to the Power Source - The FR-XC Series Multi-functional Regenerative Converter, offers considerable energy savings and system cost reductions as supplemental hardware for the FR Series of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). Geared towards end users in crane and material handling applications, the regenerated energy from one VFD in a lift application is used by another VFD to drive other motors in the system.
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New IMA™ Mobile App Allows Remote Monitoring of CNC Machines from Handheld Device - The IMA™ mobile app offers real-time monitoring and analysis of CNC functions, and will notify the user when changes or anomalies are detected. If users have multiple CNC machines in their facility with an MTConnect® compliant adapter, they can all be monitored through the app simultaneously.
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