Information & Communication Systems

Wireless and wired communications systems, network camera systems, satellite communications equipment, satellites, radar equipment, antennas, missile systems, fire control systems, broadcasting equipment, data transmission devices, network security systems, information systems equipment, systems integration, and others

Information System Integrated Control Center

Specialist engineers are available 24/7 to remotely operate and monitor client information systems and to analyze and determine any problem that might occur using automated tools, enabling a rapid response to any system malfunction.

(Mitsubishi Electric Information Network Corporation)

Mission-critical Server

Employing virtualization technology in its complete fault-tolerant system as an overarching concept, this server not only ensures the succession of customers' application assets, but also integrates internal mission-critical tasks and systems for situations where failure is not an option.

(Mitsubishi Electric Information Network Corporation)

DS2000 Standard Satellite Platform

The DS2000 is a standard satellite platform modeled after JAXA's ETS-VIII. It meets the need for high-quality, low-cost satellites with shortened delivery times. It has already been adopted for use by Japan and other countries; ten satellites currently in orbit use it. It will eventually be incorporated into JAXA's Engineering Test Satellite 9, which is being launched in response to the need for high-throughput communications satellites.

Vehicle-mounted Stations for Satellite Communications

Vehicle-mounted satellite communication equipment enables transmission of video and audio for broadcast news (satellite news gathering) and information for disaster management. Mitsubishi Electric products are employed by Japanese broadcasters, the public sector, and infrastructure companies such as gas and electricity utilities.

Broadband Optical Access Systems

Mitsubishi Electric is progressively installing Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GE-PON) systems, which play a central role in broadband services. The need for GE-PON systems is steadily expanding due to high-capacity broadband content, including the increased use of visual services.