Industrial Automation Systems

Programmable logic controllers, inverters, servomotors, human-machine interface, motors, hoists, magnetic switches, no-fuse circuit breakers, short- circuit breakers, transformers for electricity distribution, time and power meters, uninterruptible power supply, industrial fans, computerized numerical controllers, electrical discharge machines, laser processing machines, industrial robots, clutches, automotive electrical equipment, car electronics and car mechatronics, car multimedia, and others

Programmable Logic Controllers

Mitsubishi Electric's MELSEC series of programmable logic controllers supports a wide array of production and social infrastructure applications; solutions range from control and safety devices to information and instrumentation management. As a leading global brand, the MELSEC series contributes to the construction of cutting-edge control systems owing to its capabilities, performance, product variety, and high reliability.

AC Servos

The MELSERVO Series enhance all aspects of production devices and facilities. From rotary servo motors to linear servo motors and direct drive motors, a wide range of products is available to meet any number of applications and to significantly improve the performance of all relevant devices.

Industrial Robots

Featuring cutting-edge technologies, Mitsubishi Electric's robotic systems are key components in Factory Automation (FA). They are ideal for cell-based production coupled with intelligent sensors, thanks to their high-speed, high-precision core performance characteristics. By providing complete FA solutions that combine programmable logic controllers and AC servomotors, Mitsubishi Electric can create automated systems that encompass the assembly, inspection, and conveyance processes.

Low-voltage Circuit Breakers

Low-voltage Circuit Breakers are used for wiring protection and short-circuit protection in low-voltage circuits. Since 1933, Mitsubishi Electric has been continuously designing and developing such breakers, the latest of which is the new WS-V "World" series. The lineup is ideal for both power distribution and OEM markets.

Computerized Numerical Controllers—CNCs

A broad range of CNCs is available. Including, for example, the M800/80 Series, which increases productivity and precision and optimizes machine tool operation through an independently developed dedicated CPU and abundant control functions. It is also compatible with the various field networks that are necessary for constructing automated systems.

Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs)

Beginning with the newly launched MP series, a strategic product on a global scale, Mitsubishi Electric provides a lineup of EDMs that add value and improve the manufacturing productivity of molds and precision components. Such equipment is indispensable to the production of automobiles, home electronics, and IT-related devices.

Electric Power Steering (Motors and Controllers)

Mitsubishi Electric was the first company in the world to mass produce motors and controllers for electric power steering to assist driver steering in line with driving conditions. Over the years, Mitsubishi Electric has helped to improve steering feel, response, and stability while delivering compact units and high-output performance, and contributing to reduced automobile CO2 emissions.

Car Navigation System

The DIATONE SOUND. NAVI NR-MZ200 Series car audio-navigation system offers superior quality in terms of responsiveness, image resolution, and design. It enhances the driving experience more than ever, with faster and more visually appealing navigation.